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Jonathan Clavell, MD

Board Certified Urologist & Men’s Sexual Health Specialist Serving Patients in the Southwest

Dr. Jonathan Clavell is a board-certified urologist practicing in downtown Houston. He is fellowship-trained in sexual medicine and an Assistant Professor in Surgery for the University of Texas in Houston – Division of Urology. His areas of expertise include penile prosthetics, treatment of erectile and orgasmic dysfunctions, complex Peyronie’s disease, penile rehabilitation after prostate cancer surgery, and the treatment of urinary symptoms for prostate enlargement.

His education began at the University of Puerto Rico, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree in General Sciences. He then earned his medical degree from the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus and went on to pursue his General Surgery Internship in the Department of General Surgery at this same institution. He completed his Urology residency as well as his fellowship in Sexual Medicine and Prosthetic Urology at the University of Texas McGovern Medical School and MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. After completing his fellowship, Dr. Clavell joined one of the most comprehensive Men’s Health facilities in the metro-Houston area and is considered one of the fastest-growing high-volume surgeons in the field of Penile Prosthetics.

Dr. Clavell has made a commitment to pursue excellence in the field of Men’s Health and currently provides cutting edge and innovative treatments in Sexual Medicine and Male Genitourinary Dysfunction. As a member of the American Urological Association (AUA), Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA), and International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM), Dr. Clavell works to continue his life-long learning and has authored numerous peer-reviewed publications, book chapters, and lectures both nationally and internationally on treatment for Peyronie’s disease, penile rehabilitation after prostate cancer and penile implant surgery. He is currently the Section Editor of the prestigious AUA Core Curriculum for the sections of Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease which serves as guidelines for surgeons all over the world. He is one of the highest volume surgeons in penile implant surgery in the United States and the world.  He continuously contributes to research in the field and recently published an article on a novel technique for Sexual Medicine: Open Access titled “Proximal Extracapsular Tunneling: A Simple Technique for the Management of Impending Cylinder Erosion and Complications Related to Corporal Dilation”.

After spending time learning and training with world-renowned leaders in the fields of Men’s Health and urologic oncology, Dr. Clavell has acquired skills and knowledge that have kept him at the top tier among his colleagues.  He is currently part of the International Liaison Committee, Social Media Committee, and Surgical Committee of the SMSNA and was the former United States representative in the Young Researchers and Clinicians ISSM Committee from 2018 to 2021.  Dr. Clavell is part of the editorial board for the Asian Journal of Andrology and Video Journal of Sexual Medicine. He is also a reviewer for world-renowned journals such as the Journal of Urology, Journal of Sexual Medicine and Sexual Medicine Reviews. In September of 2020, Dr. Clavell joined the University of Texas Health as an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Urologic Surgery. Dr. Clavell aims to accompany you through your journey towards a healthier lifestyle and improve your quality of life.  We are eager for you to meet our staff and learn more about our Center of Excellence. He is fluent in English and Spanish.

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