Gatekeepers of Men Series

Gatekeepers of Men Series by Dr. Jonathan Clavell

Dr. Clavell Addresses Important Men’s Health Issues

GatekeepersofMen is a Blog series created by Dr. Jonathan Clavell.  Why? Some people say men do not think about their health as much as they should, and we do not believe that. Men do THINK about their health, they just don’t talk about it. Through the #GatekeepersofMen Series, we will be providing blog-type posts to educate men (and women) about Men’s health related issues. Our goal is to provide men with the highest quality of care and keep them optimized no matter their age.

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Man running on beach during sunset

Episode 1:

Health Concerns for the Middle Aged Male

Man with high testosterone

Episode 2:

Finding Optimal Testosterone Levels

hCG and Testosterone

Episode 3:

hCG and Testosterone levels

Middle Aged Man

Episode 4:

Five Most Common Complications Associated to BPH

Middle aged couple hugging

Episode 5:

Penile Rehabilitation Life After Prostate Cancer

Man suffering from premature ejaculation

Episode 6:

When “Not Lasting Long Enough” is the Problem

Husband and wife enjoying time outdoors

Episode 7:

Hey Man, Are you to blame?

Husband and wife taking selfie in hammock

Episode 8:

Penile Implants, 10 Most Common Questions

Confident middle aged man

Episode 9:

What to know when considering surgery for BPH

Man in denim jacket

Episode 10:

Movember and Prostate Cancer Awareness

Man fighting prostate cancer

Episode 11:

Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer

Middle Aged Man Wearing Glasses

Episode 12:

5 Major Advantages of Rezum Water Vapor Therapy

Older Man Thinking

Episode 13:

Men’s Health During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Older man doing pushup

Episode 14:

Erectile Dysfunction: A Sign of Heart Disease

Older Man sitting on chair outside

Episode 15:

How a Urologist can Help You Live Longer…

young man with beard

Episode 16:

A Men’s Health Specialist’s True Purpose

man looking under sheet

Episode 17:

Why is my penis getting shorter?

younger man playing sports

Episode 18:

Congenital Penile Curvature

Happy couple in nature

Episode 19:

Penile Implant: The Solution for ED?

husband and wife hugging in kitchen.

Episode 20:

Erectile Dysfunction: Physical and Emotional Effect on a man and his partner





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