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Cosmetic Phalloplasty in Houston, TX

What is a Ventral or Cosmetic Phalloplasty?

A ventral phalloplasty is a cosmetic procedure that gives the visual impression of a longer penis. Many men have their scrotal skin attached to the underside of the penile shaft which creates a triangle-shaped flap that covers part of the penis, also known as scrotal webbing. Scrotal webbing makes the impression of a shorter penis. The ventral phalloplasty removes the extra scrotal skin and makes the penis look longer.

This procedure is a simple procedure that can be made in conjunction with penile implant surgery or can be performed on its own. Board-certified urologist Dr. Jonathan Clavell provides cosmetic phalloplasty procedures in Houston, TX. He will help you discover whether the cosmetic phalloplasty procedure is right for you and your lifestyle. Call (713) 652-5011 to learn more and call to schedule your appointment today!

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Am I a Candidate for the Procedure?

Dr. Clavell will review your medical history and perform a physical exam to evaluate how much excess scrotal skin is covering your penis.

Is it Safe?

The ventral phalloplasty is well-known to be a safe procedure in the hands of an expert. Although the most common complication is infection, Dr. Clavell will administer IV antibiotics prior to your procedure to avoid this complication.

Recovery After Your Procedure

If the ventral phalloplasty is being performed in addition to another procedure, such as penile implant surgery, the recovery will be similar to the other procedure’s recovery. When done in adjunct to penile implant surgery, performing the ventral phalloplasty will not delay your healing time. When done alone, the incision takes anywhere between 1 to 3 weeks to heal. You should be able to resume your regular activities within 1 week.

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Dr. Clavell is fellowship-trained in sexual medicine and reconstructive surgery in complex penile cases. He is highly skilled and pursues excellence in all of his procedures to maximize a cosmetic result while minimizing complications. We invite you to call our Houston urology clinic at (713) 652-5011 and book an appointment today.

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