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Dr. Clavell Hosts Men’s Health Prosthetic Course for Experienced Physicians

Dr. Clavell was invited and served as faculty for the Men’s Health Prosthetic course for Experienced Physicians in Phoenix, Arizona on May 21-22, 2022. This course was hosted by Coloplast and was focused towards Urologists already in practice who are seeking to master advanced skills and management of complications that relate to penile implant surgery. Dr. Clavell shared insight on the prevention and management of infections and led a hands-on course where he shared surgical techniques for the management of complications that may be encountered during penile implant surgery.

Prosthetic Course with Dr. Clavell

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Dr. Clavell is experienced in advanced Men’s Health Prosthetic Course for Experienced Physician surgical skills and techniques that are able to optimize outcomes related to penile prosthesis surgery. If you have erectile dysfunction that is not responding to medications, we encourage you to call our office at (713) 424-4030 and schedule your appointment today!
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