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Important Announcement: Dr. Clavell Opens Vitality Urology Institute

Dear Patients,

We are excited to announce that Dr. Jonathan Clavell will be starting a new Urology practice beginning on August 19, 2024. After 6 years in his current practice, Dr. Clavell will be transitioning to his own private practice, Vitality Urology Institute, to better serve your healthcare needs. Continue reading “Important Announcement: Dr. Clavell Opens Vitality Urology Institute”

Penile Implant Patient Testimonials

Welcome to Vitality Urology Institute’s Penile Implants Testimonials page, curated to showcase the life-changing journeys of our patients under the expert care of board-certified urologist Dr. Jonathan Clavell. Dive into stories of renewed vitality and improved quality of life through successful penile implant surgeries, highlighting our commitment to personalized urological excellence.

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Dr. Jonathan Clavell Introduces a Breakthrough: The Success of a Safer Approach in Treating Complex Peyronie’s Disease

Board-certified urologist, Dr. Jonathan Clavell recently published an article with ScienceDirect. He presents a new way to treat complex Peyronie’s disease (PD) in men. Instead of the traditional method, which involves circumcision and peeling back the skin, a potentially risky procedure when combined with penile implant placement, Dr. Clavell introduces a safer approach. He uses a technique that avoids peeling the skin away and demonstrates its effectiveness and safety in a video. The procedure involves making a specific incision, adjusting the curvature, placing a penile implant, and using a graft to cover any defects. This alternative method seems promising, possibly lowering the risk of certain complications and ensuring a satisfying outcome for patients with complex PD and erectile dysfunction.

Take a deeper look into his research, and discover more about the innovative approach to treating complex Peyronie’s Disease by checking out his article on Science Direct.

Dr. Clavell’s Participation in the 24th Annual Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA)

Board-certified urologist, Dr. Clavell had a significant role at the 24th Annual Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA) held on November in San Diego, California.

Dr. Clavell at the 24th Annual Sexual Medicine Society of North America

His involvement included:

– 3 invited lectures on “The Relationship of Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease”, “Sexual Medicine Online: Surgical Videos, Webinars and Social Media” and “Addressing Peyronie’s Disease at the time of Penile Prosthesis Placement”.

– 4 abstract/research presentations

– 1 podcast recording

– 2 video interviews

– Moderator at the first Spanish Session of the SMSNA Annual Meeting.

We congratulate Dr. Clavell for his continuous involvement and advancing the field of Sexual Medicine and Men’s Health!

Dr. Clavell at the 24th Annual Sexual Medicine Society of North America

Dr. Clavell at the 24th Annual Sexual Medicine Society of North America

Dr. Clavell Shares Expertise: Innovations in Peyronie’s Disease Treatment

Board-certified urologist, Dr. Jonathan Clavell, was an invited speaker for the 102nd Annual Meeting of the American Urology Association SouthCentral Section. He was invited to share his expertise regarding Management of Complications Related to Peyronie’s Disease Treatments. He also had the opportunity to share his new technique that helps restore length for men with penile shortening secondary to Peyronie’s at the time of penile implant surgery. Schedule a Peyronie’s Disease treatment appointment at our urology clinic in Houston, TX by filling out our secure online form.

Dr. Clavell giving a speech.

Peyronie’s Disease Challenges and Solutions

Peyronie’s Disease

Tune in to this episode of BackTable Urology, where Dr. Jose Silva sits down with Dr. Jonathan Clavell, a renowned men’s health specialist, to discuss the latest workup and treatment options available for Peyronie’s disease. Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation that could help you or someone you know.


Peyronie's Disease Challenges and Solutions with Dr. Jonathan Clavell.

Tune In Here



Dr. Clavell shares his expertise with Rezum and Penile Implant Surgery

Dr. Clavell was invited to give lectures regarding his specialties in the management of erectile dysfunction and BPH.  He had the opportunity to speak at two American Urology Association (AUA) events, the AUA Southwest section in San Diego, CA and the Puerto Rico Urology Association.

Dr. Clavell speaking at an event. Dr. Clavell speaking at an event.








At these events Dr. Clavell shared his experience using Rezum Water Vapor Therapy for BPH and how to manage complications during and after Penile Implant Surgery.

Dr. Clavell Teaches Emerging Implanters Course hosted by Boston Scientific

In the month of June, Dr. Clavell & staff had the opportunity to be apart of the Prosthetic Urology Institute’s, Emerging Implanters Course, hosted by Boston Scientific in San Francisco, California. We had the opportunity to be part of the faculty and continue to teach other surgeons on how to refine their surgical skills and optimize outcomes when it comes to penile implant surgery for men with erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease.

Dr. Clavell participates in the Emerging Implanters Course

Houston Mens Health at Emerging Implanters Course

Dr. Clavell speaks at Emerging Implanters Course


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