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#GatekeepersofMen Series

Episode 1

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#GatekeepersofMen Series

 Health Concerns for the Middle-Aged Male

This week I was watching a movie and a quote resonated in my head for days. Then my wife sent me a message through Instagram about a 52-year-old marathon runner leaping of joy like a teenager. The caption of the picture was the same as the quote from the movie:  “We don’t stop playing because we are old, we grow old because we stop playing.” At this time, I knew…  I had to write about this. Many men find middle-age to be the prime time of their lives.   You’ve lived, you’ve made mistakes, and you’ve learned from them.  Your mind is still agile, and your body is strong enough to enjoy the fruits of your hard work.   A man in his middle-age years can take credit for his accomplishments and find time to enjoy the beginnings of well-deserved rewards for a lifetime of taking risks and working hard.

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