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Dr. Jonathan Clavell Introduces a Breakthrough: The Success of a Safer Approach in Treating Complex Peyronie’s Disease

Board-certified urologist, Dr. Jonathan Clavell recently published an article with ScienceDirect. He presents a new way to treat complex Peyronie’s disease (PD) in men. Instead of the traditional method, which involves circumcision and peeling back the skin, a potentially risky procedure when combined with penile implant placement, Dr. Clavell introduces a safer approach. He uses a technique that avoids peeling the skin away and demonstrates its effectiveness and safety in a video. The procedure involves making a specific incision, adjusting the curvature, placing a penile implant, and using a graft to cover any defects. This alternative method seems promising, possibly lowering the risk of certain complications and ensuring a satisfying outcome for patients with complex PD and erectile dysfunction.

Take a deeper look into his research, and discover more about the innovative approach to treating complex Peyronie’s Disease by checking out his article on Science Direct.

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