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Episode 20

How Erectile Dysfunction Affects the COUPLE

Erectile Dysfunction: Physical and Emotional Effect on a man and his partner


Erectile dysfunction is a term no man wishes to ever use.  We do not like talking about it.  Even more,  we wish to never experience it.

However….  When a man experiences erectile dysfunction it affects him both physically and emotionally.


What is the physical impact of erectile dysfunction?

The penis is linked to your heart.   When aroused, Your heart delivers blood to your penis through the arteries. Your penis then has “the responsibility” of keeping that blood trapped inside the penis in order to keep an erection.  If the penis is unable to bring blood in, or keep the blood trapped, the penis will experience erectile dysfunction.


The arteries going to the penis are VERY SMALL, probably smaller than the straw used to stir your morning coffee. When a man has any medical condition that can the decrease blood flow delivery from the heard and the heart is unable to deliver blood to the penis, we call it arterial insufficiency.


Now there is another problem that can happen.  The penis also needs to keep the blood TRAPPED inside the penis. Imagine your penis being a bucket of water that needs to stay full to work.  If the bucket has multiple tiny little holes, the water will not be able to stay inside the bucket.  In the penis, we call that “venous leakage”. Venous leakage can happen in both older men and younger men.  I have even seen men who were born with this problem.


What is the emotional impact of erectile dysfunction?

ED can crush a man’s confidence, self-worth and lead to depression.  A man with erectile dysfunction may pull himself away from his partner and try to avoid intimacy altogether because he may fear failure in bed.  Those who are single often avoid relationships altogether.   Therefore, if you ask me, the emotional impact of ED weighs heavier than the physical impact.  Erectile dysfunction affects relationships, self-esteem, and even work productivity (yes! There is research on this topic!).


Can I overcome ED?

My goal, as a urologist and men’s sexual health expert, is to help men learn about what is going on and how to overcome it.  There are MULTIPLE treatment options and NO MAN should be suffering from ED without finding a solution.  There are pills, injections, vacuum erection devices, psychotherapy, physical therapy and even a penile implant.  We first need to find out what is the cause and then we can find a solution.


The HARD Series

Erectile dysfunction is hard.   The journey to overcome it is even harder. This year I was a part of a documentary series that was created to show EVERYONE what men go through and how we can help men overcome it.  This series will show Men with erectile dysfunction that they are not alone.  It will remind you that there are others who have gone through exactly what you are going through now and that there is a solution.  The Hard Series is meant to show us the truth. It is meant to show us that ED is real, that ED is extremely common.  It shows us that as a society, we need to be more open about these topics.  Erectile dysfunction is very common, and it is about time that we start talking about it.

I invite you to watch this episode in which you will see how erectile dysfunction impacted the relationship of a beautiful couple and how a simple procedure helped a man feel worthy of his relationship again.  Enjoy!

Remember….  My goal is to help bring life to your years.

Remember…. We are #gatekeepersofmen.

This article was authored by Dr. Jonathan Clavell. Dr. Clavell is a board-certified urologist who specializes in men’s health including erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, Peyronie’s Disease and BPH. 

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